County Leaders Announce Site of Year Round Farmer’s Market

Broome County Legislative Chairman Jerry Marinich joined County Executive Debbie Preston and a host of others to announce the location of a year round Farmer’s Market in Broome County.

The Farmers Market will be located behind the Cornell Cooperative Extension Building on Upper Front Street in the Town of Dickinson.

“This has been a long and difficult process,” says County Executive Preston.  “We are happy to have found a spot that will be beneficial for everyone and we can’t wait to see years of work grow to fruition.”

“Cornell Cooperative Extension has always been a conduit between the County and its local farmers and housing this new, state-of-the art, year-round Farmer’s Market there is just another example of our outstanding partnership,” said Legislature Chairman Jerry Marinich. “With agriculture being our number one industry, we need to continue providing ways to connect our farmers and the public. This Farmer’s Market will do just that.”

The Farmer’s Market will allow local farmers and community members the opportunity to be able to buy and sell fresh produce and homemade goods all year round.

“This is the perfect location for something of this magnitude,” says Vicki Giaratano, Executive Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension.  “Not only is this right near two major interstates, this will also provide additional opportunities for local producers to sell their products in our community and we are thrilled to see it going here.

“This location will allow visitors the option of stopping at our Farmer’s Market on their way in or out of our community,” says Preston.  “And such a prime location will, no doubt, draw a wide range of farmers from all over the Upstate region who want an opportunity to access the Broome County market.”

The project is expected to go out to bid later this summer with the hope of breaking ground late in the fall. The new farmers market is expected to be open by late summer of 2016.

The next step is for the Town of Dickinson Zoning Board and Planning Board to approve site plans for the project. Both are expected to do so at their meetings on July 14 and 15.

“This will be another boost to our community,” says Town of Dickinson Supervisor Mike Marinaccio.  “Upper Front Street has a lot of great restaurants that attract people, and this Farmers Market will be just one more destination for people in our community and beyond.”

The County looked at several different sites to place the all year Farmers Market, including Otsiningo Park.

However, it was not feasible at the park after an archeological study unearthed Native American remains.


07/13/2015 - 12:10pm