Simpson Honored with Star

(Binghamton, NY) – Broome County Executive Debbie Preston is proud to join the Friends of the Forum in announcing Vestal painter Marian Simpson is the most recent recipient of a Star on its Wall of Fame.

The County Executive’s Office was joined by members of the Friends of the Forum and Binghamton Mayor Rich David to present the star to Simpson, in honor of her years of contributions and achievements in the local art community.

“It is important to recognize those that distinguish our area with their incredible talent,” says Broome County Executive Preston. “Marian, and others like her, is responsible for keeping the arts alive in Broome County. She deserves to be recognized for her incredible talent and dedication to the arts community.”

“Talented, compassionate people like Marian are the foundation of Binghamton’s vibrant local arts community,” said Mayor David. “Marian’s work spans decades and her contributions to our area make her a perfect fit for a star on the Forum’s Wall of Fame.”

Marian Simpson began painting at age eleven, learning from the late Arthur Powell who was a locally acclaimed and award-winning landscape painter and muralist.

For 17 years, Simpson operated a commercial art advertising business, with her duties including retouching product advertisements for Endicott Johnson shoes. She has traveled to 19 Countries, as well as across the United States, all the while painting anything and everything in front of her. 

“Marian’s passion for painting and her genuine talent is clear in any of her countless and beautiful works,” says Chairman of the Friends of the Forum Ron Saul. “Her realist pieces stand as a testament to her extensive career—and really her life—with each work representing her perception of the world around her.”

Locally, Simpson has touched our area with her art. Aside from being a member and three-time President of the Fine Arts Society, she has taught numerous classes and workshops, and has a three-room gallery, displaying her countless amazing pieces.

Furthermore, her paintings have also been featured in many local exhibits, such as The Vestal Museum, during last week’s Path through History Weekend.

Simpson is the 46th person to be honored with a star.

You can see all the stars on display in the lobby of the Forum Theatre.


06/28/2015 - 12:42pm