County and State Leaders Announce Project in Airport Corridor

Town of Maine, NY – Broome County Executive Debbie Preston joined Broome County Legislative Chairman Jerry Marinich, plus State leaders to announce a project through the airport corridor that will save taxpayers money and eventually lead to job creation.

The project will install sewer lines from the Broome County Landfill through the airport Corridor and connect to lines in the Town of Union.

It will also replace an outdated septic system at the Greater Binghamton Airport as well as running natural gas and internet lines to that area.

“What starts out as project to install sewer lines and replace a septic system will eventually lead to the creation of an arena where new businesses can start and grow, right here in Broome County,” says County Executive Preston. “We’re creating an ideal location with exactly what new businesses are looking for when choosing a place to expand to—utilities, high speed internet, shovel ready sites and a labor force, all while saving taxpayers money.”

Replacing the septic system at the Airport would have cost $7 million dollars as a stand-alone project.

Plus the airport will no longer need to use propane to heat the facility, which will also save money in the long run.

The County will also save money by not having to truck leachate from the Landfill to various sites, plus it’s better for the environment.

This project will create shovel ready sites near the airport which will lead to the creation of a new Corporate Park.

The current Corporate Parks in Conklin and Kirkwood are running out of room.

“The legislature, working with our local and state officials, feel these necessary upgrades will provide a better service to the Greater Binghamton Airport and Broome County Landfill without putting the financial burden on local taxpayers and saving money in the long term,” said Legislature Chairman Jerry Marinich. “The more exciting aspect of this project is that the improvements to the Airport Road corridor will make our area a more attractive place for business development and job creation. When government works together positive outcomes can be realized for our residents.”

Such an enormous endeavor is made possible by federal and state grants, as well as funds from the Broome County Landfill—costing the taxpayers nothing, with the promise of bringing so much to the Southern Tier.

This undertaking will ensure businesses’ investment in Broome County, which will create jobs, put people back to work and boost the local economy.

"We need this project not to keep planes flying, but to help the Airport serve as a gateway to new local development and new local employment," said Senator Tom Libous. "You can’t do it without the right infrastructure, and I commend the County Executive for her vision and determination in pushing this project forward."

The end results of the County’s plan will provide economic and environmental benefits now and well into the future.

Construction is already underway and is being done by local contractor G. DeVincentis & Son Construction Company, Inc. The project is set to be complete by spring 2016.

“The quicker we can get this project finished, the quicker we can attract additional businesses to our community, and bring about more jobs,” Preston went on. “One of the biggest driving factors of this project was creating jobs, which has been one of my top priorities since taking office. This is a win not only for Broome County, but for New York State as a whole.”




07/23/2015 - 12:52pm