County Leaders Outline 2016 Budget

Binghamton, NY – Broome County Executive Debbie Preston joined Legislature Chairman Jerry Marinich and Majority Leader, and Finance Committee Chairman, Dan Reynolds to outline some of the highlights for the 2016 budget.

“Every year, the budget process gets tougher and tougher and more difficult decisions need to be made,” says Broome County Executive Debbie Preston.  “I want to thank our partners in the Legislature for working with us to craft a budget with a minimal tax increase that will allow Broome County residents to receive a rebate check from New York State.”

Thanks to hours of meetings, the Legislature’s finance committee was able to reduce the tax increase from 2.21% to 1.88%, which is below New York State’s mandated tax cap.

In addition, in keeping with the County Executive’s commitment to restore sales tax, the county will increase its sales tax sharing with local municipalities by an additional 10%, and it will also reduce the costs of election chargebacks for next year.

“Our municipalities are facing the same tight budget restrictions that we are,” says County Executive Preston.  “While the additional money would go a long way in our budget, I made a pledge to return more sales tax to the municipalities and try to ease the burden on their taxpayers.  I will not pass the buck to our local towns, villages and the City of Binghamton.”

“I want to thank the County Executive and her team for working with us to craft a very good budget for 2016,” said Majority Leader and Finance Committee Chairman Daniel Reynolds. “Not only does the budget do a lot of good for our individual constituents but also for the municipalities within the County. We've shared more sales tax and reduced the elections chargeback to the City and Towns by nearly $160,000 which will make a big difference for them.”

The 2016 budget also includes $1.5 million to help with SUNY Broome’s project to convert the historic Carnegie Library in downtown Binghamton to house their expanded hospitality program.

Several roads and bridges in the County will also see work thanks to $2.5 million for highway reconstruction and rehabilitation.  That’s an increase of $250,000 to improve the nearly 350 miles of road the County owns, especially in our suburban and rural areas.

The budget also includes $380,000 in County funds, which added to Federal funds, will allow us to do a major rehab on Airport Road.

“This is a good budget for Broome County taxpayers,” said Legislature Chairman Jerry Marinich.  “Together we’ve succeeded in staying under the tax cap while also investing in important areas like education, transportation and services for our seniors.”

Preston and the Legislature continue their commitment to replace aging busses in the B.C. Transit fleet.  $276,000 has been allocated to purchase two new clean diesel busses, which builds on the seven busses that were purchased earlier this year.

Preston reaffirmed her commitment to Willow Point Nursing Home by allocating nearly $500,000 to do various capital improvements there to make sure it’s in a good state of repair for our seniors and the employees.

In addition, the County is saving $1.6 million annually by privatizing the Central Foods department, which equals more than 2% in tax revenue.

The County has set aside $3.6 million dollars to fight addiction in the County and are currently working to secure more treatment beds in the community.

“We represent nearly 200,000 people and this budget aimed to meet the needs of as many of those people as possible,” says Preston.  “While we would love to set aside more money for certain causes, we can’t break the backs of our taxpayers and came up with a spending plan that’s best for everyone.  We understand the people in our community can’t afford more increases, and we had to make some very tough choices to keep costs low for the people who sign our paychecks.”



11/20/2015 - 2:40pm